Randalls and Wards Islands
LuminoCity Festival is open until January 10th! Venture through a wonderland of fantastical ancient civilizations, lush luminated jungles, and mystical towering light art displays over 30ft high. The immersive outdoor event is a festive, socially-distanced, and timed-entry experience for guests of all ages. The sparkling light park is 30-45 minute walk on a narrative journey through 5 distinct sets, bringing life to chapters of an original story starring Lumi, a magical light bulb. Be transported to dreamlike worlds all while uncovering a beautiful tale of love, loss and life illustrated by the stunning installations. Encounter 12 light sculptures of famous cat & dog influencers reimagined as the 12 zodiac constellations which play a role in the overarching Lumi adventure story. Visit the open-air Mini Gallery, learn the history and culture behind the lantern-making traditions that inspired LuminoCity, and a behind the scenes look at light construction. Food trucks will be on-site offering warm treats. Top it off with a glistening 26ft. tall Christmas Tree decked with bulbs, the perfect backdrop for holiday photos. Festival Hours are 4PM-10PM daily. A limited number of tickets will be available for each designated time slot. Time slots will be strictly enforced to maintain capacity. Tickets must be purchased online!
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