Albania, AL
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Albania! I had a server in Tirana who asked me "Why do you come to Albania?". I responded "Why should I not come to Albania?" This country had decades of communistic past and they isolated themselves for years. It was a true communist country where people wore the same clothes, no religion and no cars! The only cars were state cars and everyone walked or rode donkey carts until the early 90s. To see how the country has developed in almost 30 years is what I find intersting, The streets are filled with modern day music, cars are everywhere and art fills the street. I know that this country is still unknown to most and that is why I wanted to spend a few days getting to know it. There were many other tourists, many solo travelers, from around the world who were just as curious. We all said that we wanted to see Albania before everyone else realized how cool the country really is.
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