Istanbul, Istanbul
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Since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to visit the beautiful Istanbul. I’ve had heard so many stories about the little restaurants on the bank of the Bosphorus I can’t even count them. So now I’m finally here! It is truly mesmerizing and charming. From the great bazaar to the vendors on the street with the view of the mosque in the background. I would highly recommend to come here with a friend or family, because although it’s safer than they say, it’s better to share the experience with someone! The city itself has a really good public transportation and after the first day you’ll get used to it. On the other hand if you’re able to find yourself a hotel in a nice area, like Fatih, everything is going to be in a walking distance! But if you come here even you’re a tourist try to respect and accommodate to the culture as much as you can, like wear long skirts and if you’re able cover your shoulders. Many women wears tank tops and hot shorts but in my view a long skirt still looks good and it ease the tension if there is any. Obviously if you’re visiting a mosque they require to cover your head and shoulders if they’re not covered, but they provide a shawl to do so. The entrance fee is usually around 60 Turkish Lyra, now (2019 June) 1 euro in exchange is around 6.5 Lyra. A typical meal is anywhere between 15-25 Lyra but you can get decent meal for less if you’re not afraid to wonder around the smaller streets, obviously NOT alone and not at night!!!! About drinks, while Turkey is a Muslim country they don’t really drink alcohol though you can find beer, wine and sometimes vodka in the back streets. Tap water is not healthy to drink until you boil it up!!! And it’s really good to have a hand sanitizer with you, just in case😊
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