West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
Gili Islands
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Party hammocks boozeBALI!!! 100000000% do Bali!!! It was the best week of my entire life I’m not even joking I can’t explain how amazing it is!! I did it for Spring break, you can get tickets for so cheap and as soon as you get there its like $10 USD a day to live because everything is so freaking cheap. you can spend a week there and live lavishly for $1200 USD flights included (if you book far in advance). People in Bali are so nice, its sooo beautiful everyone rages so hard and I want to move there for a couple months and I bet youre gonna want to as soon as you go haha gili t 25-26 Party island its really lit Take the fast ferry from padang bay. (3 hour taxi from uluwatu, like $15 usd each for the taxi). gili a 26-27 · My favorite part of the trip · Beautiful tiny island right next to gili t · There are dope ass swings here in the water · Rent a bike · Also, do a snorkel tour
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