Minato, Tokyo
Packed to the brim with bars, clubs, and all-night revelers, Roppongi is without a doubt one of Tokyo’s most famous nightlife districts. Since the post-war era, when it served as a hangout for Allied forces, it’s been popular with non-Japanese, and to this day attracts an outsize percentage of ex-pats, international tourists, as well as Japanese salarymen, which is reflected in the area’s higher than average entry and drink prices. Roppongi is a real mishmash, filled with everything from upscale bars, jazz venues and western-style clubs, to countless dive bars along with more sleazy establishments. Some places are slightly worn-in, but the area is always packed on weekends and an option if you’re looking for a big night out. Although generally safe, be aware that Roppongi can get rather loud and crowded at night, as well as attracting its fair share of touts.
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