Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture
In ancient times, Tokyo was known as “Edo,” and was a primarily wooden city that bears little resemblance to the forest of glass that exists here today. To be sure, an excursion to the castle town of Kawagoe, which is known to this day as “Little Edo,” is sort of like taking a trip back in time. While architecture such as the Toki no Kane clock tower is the highlight of a trip to Kawagoe, make sure to take a stroll down Kashiya Yokocho, where you can taste a variety of local candies flavored using Kawagoe’s famous sweet potatoes. Do all this and more on a walking tour of Kawagoe here. HOW TO GET THERE: The Express Tobu Toju Line runs directly from Ikebukuro to Kawagoe in just 31 minutes.
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