Iceland, IS
Known as Reynisfjara, the Black Sand Beach was voted one of the top non-tropical beaches by National Geographic in 1991. We think that alone is enough reason to visit Reynisfjara but if you need more reasons, read on. The sand’s black tint is a result of the volcanic minerals and rocks that make up this beach. We took a long stroll along the beach and watched the powerful Atlantic waves crash against the contrasting black sand, creating a dramatic scene. The sneaker-waves are what you need to watch out for, as there are times when the sea looks deceivingly tranquil. There has been a number of casualties here caused by sneaker-waves so never turn your back to the sea! You’ll also find the popular Gardar basalt columns on the beach which makes a great backdrop for pictures. Not far off the basalt cliff, you’ll spot Reynisdrangar, the freestanding sea stacks out in the sea. Legend has it that these were two trolls caught in the daylight while pulling a ship to sea! Whatever it is, Black Sand Beach sure makes for a mystical setting. We definitely recommend spending a bit of time here to admire Mother Nature’s work.
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