Bergen, Hordaland
At an elevation of 643 m, Ulriken is the highest of seven mountains surrounding Bergen and is one of the popular places for hiking in Bergen. There are several route options of different difficulty levels which makes it friendly for all ages. The hike up offers great views throughout and takes around 1.5 to 2 hours. Hiking Ulriken is straightforward with most of the challenge being its steepness (expect to put your stamina to test!), and this makes Ulriken a great place for hiking in Bergen. Hike overview: Distance = 1.8km/1.12miles, Elevation = 431m/1,414ft, Hike-o-meter = 8/10, Difficulty = 4/10, Views = 7/10 (city, mountains). We chose the longer way up (read: easier path) since it was our first hike on this trip. The route started off easy but steep, and just a short half hour later we found ourselves catching our breath from the inclination. We walked past residential houses, a school, and a few goats before coming to a gravel path which later connects to a long flight of stone steps that eventually brought us all the way to the top. Not halfway up the mountain, we were already presented with spectacular views of the city. We stopped several times to soak in the view and sneak in some photo-taking while enjoying a quick rest
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