Visiting Ireland was my favorite trip I did in Europe. The country side is impeccably green and seeing the Atlantic ocean was so beautiful not to mention the gorgeous rolling hills. If there is one place you visit (other than Paris) it should be Ireland…also because your so feckin’ irish! (that’s an irish slang term, use it.) We did a 4-day Southern Rocker tour with http://www.shamrockeradventures.com/ . I HIGHLY recommend it. Not only do you get to see the entire country but its all young people from all over the world on the tour. We made some really great friends from Australia and New Zealand on our tour but the best part was all the Irish people we met. This tour takes you into smaller towns (than Dublin) and the local people are REALLY cool. Plus, they speak English and love people from Boston. The hostels the tour puts you up in are really nice and they take you out at night to pubs with great live music and this comedian show (Pa). My weekend in Ireland was my favorite while I was abroad, you really should look into these tours.
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