The country of Oman is my favorite underrated country! It's an region that not a lot of people think about visiting or even know about. When I told people I was going to Oman the response was usually, "Where's that? Oh you mean Amman Jordan? I've never heard of it!" However, Oman is a huge melting pot of friendly people always willing to help, great food, reasonable prices and sunny weather. We took a bus from Dubai to Muscat, Oman. The bus was $15 and we left at 11pm arriving in Muscat around 5. You have to pay about $10 to leave the UAE and $50 for the Omani visa. Not finding any available hostels, Airbnb was the cheapest accommodations we found. Muscat doesn't have great public transportation and taxis get expensive real quick. Renting a car is the best and cheapest way to get around. However, be careful to check if you have restricted mileage. We thought we had unlimited mileage and ended up having to pay extra when returning the car.
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