London, England
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Posted over 5 years ago
(South Kensington Tube Station, Circle/Distrcit Line) – 43 Thurloe St – Best on Tuesdays and Sundays –It really is not very ‘boujis’ - it used to be the spot to go but has gone downhill since, but it is where Prince Harry & co. used to go back in like 2002. Nothing special, I wasn’t a fan, but it was somewhere to go that was closeby. A lot of wannabe yuppies, but they can be entertaining. I met some j who’s family owned Guinness at Boujis so maybe you can find a husband here. right down the street from crofton.. A lot of pretentious douche bags like at every other club, but the dj was really good when I went; dance floor is kind of small but it is a fun place if you know someone with a table
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