三浦市, 神奈川県
Jogashima Park
Posted about 5 years ago
Destination Highlights: Misaki Port, Jogashima Lighthouse, and Awazaki Lighthouse Jogashima is three times bigger than Enoshima and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. Unlike Enoshima, Jogashima is flat, so there’s no need to climb a bunch of stairs. You can practically explore the entire island by walking for 1-2 hours from west to east. Just be sure to wear a pair of comfortable walking shoes. Recommended Itinerary: Exploring the island is the goal of the day, so there’s really no recommended itinerary here. Start early as 10 am by departing from Shinagawa Station and buy the KEIO 1-Day Ticket from the ticket machine. Exit the train at Misakiguchi Station and take the bus to Jogashima Misaki Port at bus stand #2. From there, grab a lunch and try the island’s specialty the Meguro-don (tuna on rice). The west part of the island is where Misaki Port is located where tuna stores and fish markets can be found. Freshly loaded from fishing boats, the Misaki Port will remind you of the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. Locals and visitors alike are also free to fish by the port or the outer perimeter. From the Misaki Port, it’s a 7-minute walk to the Jogashima Lighthouse. On the eastern part of the island lies Jogashima Park, where you can visit the other lighthouse called Awazaki Lighthouse. If you have a car, you can pretty much just explore the entire island without worrying about time.
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