Eat Pray Love India Film Locations
Alappuzha, KL
Vembanad House
In Kerala Gilbert goes to book Vembanad House in Eat Pray Love - the home of Mr and Mrs Balakrishnan, it is set in 10 acres in Kerala's backwaters. Head out with your local hosts in the early hours of the morning to scour local markets and shops to discover new ingredients and spices, then spend the afternoon learning local recipes.
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Gurugram, HR
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Hari Mandir Ashram
If an ashram sounds too hardcore (Gilbert is widely rumoured to have stayed at Gurudev Siddha Peeth in Maharashtra, while Roberts filmed at Ashram Hari Mandir, about 50km from Delhi) in Eat Pray Love.
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Agra, UP
Taj Mahal
It might be obvious, but the Taj Mahal is still one of India's most iconic and romantic sights especially in the movie Eat Pray Love.
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